External Filming and Photography Approval Form

Use this form to request permission for filming or photography on Grafton Campus. Photography and filming permissions for external use covers the normal equipment and extends to photographs and video taken on a mobile phone.

  • Requests need to be for filming and photography within normal business hours. After hours external use is not normally permitted.
  • Requests that do not involve promotion of our research or researchers are unlikely to be permitted.
  • Fees may apply for external filming and photography on the University Campus.

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Your Details
Is the proposed location indoors or outdoors?
e.g. Building 303, Room G23
Are any of the locations above labs?
(if known)
Liaison Details

Details for contacts at the company doing filming

Vehicles coming onto campus (Parking at Grafton Campus is available in small rear carpark off Boyle Crescent on first come basis - cannot be reserved.  Alternate parking is usually available roadside on Park Ave).

Conditions of Permission and Security Clearance

The person in charge of filming or photography shall ensure:

  1. All film crew/ production company members or the photographer agree to follow the reasonable directions of University staff when on University premises.
  2. Compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and all other relevant legislation and do nothing which compromises the health, safety and welfare of University employees, students or members of the public.
  3. Books, materials, equipment or other staff or University property are not moved.
  4. No smoking rule is observed.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are not brought or consumed on the Location.
  6. All cell phones belonging to the producer or photographer, their staff, agents or contractors on are kept on silent mode either inside or adjacent to University premises.
  7. All corridors, entranceways and access to University premises are kept clear of film or photography equipment.
  8. Public liability insurance, and insurance to cover any damage to the premises is kept on foot and evidence provided if required on demand.
  9. Be responsible for immediately making good any damage arising from the use of the Location and premises at its expense. Should this not be carried out within 48 hours of the use of the Location by the Producer and to the University's satisfaction the University reserves the right to make good the damage themselves and charge the Producer for this on invoice.
  10. Remove all items and equipment of whatsoever nature brought onto the Location by the Producer or photographer: storage or disposal charges may be levied should the production leave equipment and/or rubbish behind without arrangements.
  11. Leave the Location in no worse or tidy condition than existed when they arrived: the University reserves the right to charge the Producer or photographer should that person fail to clean up areas to a satisfactory standard.
  12. No-one may be included in shot without their prior consent – producers may film in soft focus so that individuals are not identifiable, or film when there are no students on campus.
  13. Apart from in the news media, the University’s name is not used without its written consent.