Section 1 - Personal details

Which semester do you intend to enrol in?

Note: If you change your address details during the selection and enrolment period, please advise the School of Psychology and ensure you have updated your details on Student Services Online.

Section 2 - Academic, work and research experience

Include the name of the institution, the name of the qualification/degree and the date attained.

    b) List any education, employment or voluntary experiences with dysphagia:

    We encourage you to connect with your course mates online and also seek external support whilst you are engaged in this online course.

    Section 3: Personal statement of academic and research interests

    Describe your motivations for pursuing this course in dysphagia, together with your interests in the area, and any previous experience in this subject. Please also briefly describe previous experience with online learning (maximum 500 words).

    Section 4: Confidentiality and declarations

    Confidentiality requirement for students enrolled in Speech Science courses

    Within Speech Science courses students will observe and discuss video material, and/or participate in class discussions involving confidential information about people with swallowing disorders and/or from other vulnerable populations.

    It is essential that students treat as confidential any information they receive in the course of their studies in Speech Science. They will not disclose information about people participating in the coursework or classroom teaching for students in Speech Science. They will treat as confidential any personal or identifying information about individuals or families/whanau that people share in this context.

    Please do not enter any credit card information into this form.