MSLTPrac - supplementary application form

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Applications close 1 October 2022. 

You must also complete the University of Auckland admission process

Before you apply, please read the information for prospective speech science students (PDF below):


Section 1 - Personal details

Section 2 - Entrance requirements

Admission to the MSLTPrac degree programme requires the approval of the Faculty of Science to verify that students meet the entry criteria. Students who have not been enrolled previously at the University of Auckland need to have their previous university qualifications approved by the University of Auckland.

Please read the information on our Postgraduate applications page.

a) English language requirements

Please refer to the degree specific requirements on pages 9-10 of the English language proficiency requirements and international English language equivalencies PDF below:


If English is not your first language, please indicate in the boxes below your completed scores for IELTS, TOFEL or other:

English language test type:

b) University qualification

Please give details of your completed university qualification(s):

Qualification 1:

Qualification 2:

Qualification 3:

Qualification 4:

c) University study

If you are currently a student, please give details of the degree you are enrolled in, the university where you are studying and your subjects(s).

Current studying - qualification 1:

Current studying - qualification 2:

d) Current enrolment

List all courses you are currently enrolled in, and provide a brief description of the course if the content is not obvious from the course title:

e) If you have already completed a research project or dissertation, please provide details.

3. Work experience

a) List any paid work experience which you think is relevant to speech language therapy:

Full or part time?:
Full or part time?:
Full or part time?:

b) List any unpaid work experience which you think is relevant to speech language therapy:

Full or part time?:
Full or part time?:
Full or part time?:

4. Your understanding of Speech Language Therapy practice

Please provide no more than 250 words per question.

5. Referees

The University of Auckland requests your permission for members of the Selection Committee to contact your referees and any lecturing staff from programmes you have completed in your last year of study. This would be to ask further information about you, relevant to selection into the programme.

Please indicate that you agree that members of the Selection Committee may speak to your referees and other academic staff for the purposes described above:

List the name, relationship, phone and email contact information for each of your referees:

eg. lecturer, employer etc
eg. lecturer, employer etc

Note: Between the two of them, your referees should be able to comment on all the areas in the Confidential Letter of Reference form. If one referee cannot comment on your skills and experience in a particular area, you should ensure your other referee can comment on this.

  • References will not be accepted from family members or friends.
  • Your referees must sign their reference for it to be accepted.

References should be received by Speech Science on or before the 1st of October. It is your responsibility to follow up with your referees to make sure your application and references meet this deadline.



If you are accepted into the MSLTPrac degree programme, you agree to:

By submitting this supplementary application form I declare that the information I have given is true and accurate. If statements I have made are found to be false or inaccurate, I acknowledge that my application is unlikely to proceed.