MPhysioPrac supplementary application form

Applications close 1 October 2023 

Please read the MPhysioPrac information for applicants in the PDF below:

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Section 1 - Personal details

Section 2 - Qualification details

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Section 3 - Work experience

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Section 4 - Enrolment details

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Section 5 - Background details

Please note that you should be prepared to discuss your answers to the questions in this section during the interview process.

Have you acted violently towards another person?
Do you currently have, or have had, problems associated with alcohol or drug use?
Do you currently have, or have you had, problems with health or well-being (physical and/or psychological) that may impact your ability to train and/or work as a physiotherapist?
Have you ever been convicted of an offence?
Have complaints ever been made about your practice in previous employment (paid or unpaid)?

Section 6 - Prerequisite study requirements

  • Note that if your studies of anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology and neuroscience were taught in combined units, then you must have completed at least 4 units of study to cover these areas.
  • A unit of study (also called a subject) is equivalent to 40 hours of face-to-face class time delivered at a bachelor’s degree level or higher.
  • All units must have been studied at university level and completed within the last 10 years.
  • Unit subject codes and names can vary across institutions. An example from the University of Auckland is EXERSCI 304 Sport Psychology.

Download and complete the prequisite study form:

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Section 7 - Police vetting consent form

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Section 8 - Immunisation programme consent form

Download and complete the MPhysioPrac immunisation programme consent form:

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Section 9 - Declarations

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