Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) year three application form

Complete this form and other requested material by 30 October.

A letter informing you of the selection results will be sent to your email contact address before 20 December.

Selected students will enrol in:

  • PSYCH 730
  • PSYCH 728A & B
  • PSYCH 651A & B
  • PSYCH 757

You must also complete the University of Auckland admission process.

Please read the information for applicants PDF below:

Information for applicants can be founf on the Forms and Guides page.

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1. Personal information

Citizenship or residency:

Attach a one-page cover letter, which includes your personal statement:

2. Academic qualifications

  • All applicants must attach a copy of their official academic records to be considered for the programme.
  • Applicants who have not previously studied at the University of Auckland must also complete the section 'Recognition of Previous Tertiary Study (ROPAS)' on the University's online application form.
Did you complete your previous tertiary study at the University of Auckland?
If you haven't previously studied at the University of Auckland you must complete the section 'Recognition of Previous Tertiary Study (ROPAS)' on the University's online application form.

Please list all courses that had a behaviour analytic component

For example: behavioural modification, behaviourism, operant behaviour, respondent behaviour, experimental analysis of behaviour, or applied behaviour analysis.

3. Work experience

List all the jobs you have had - full or part-time, paid or voluntary - where behaviour analytic services have, or could have been provided.

Are you presently employed by an agency, company, or organisation in a role where you have the authority to design and implement behaviour-analytic programmes?

If yes, enter your employer and job title, and describe your duties in the table above.

4. Intended enrolment details and professional credentials

I intend enrolling
If you are offered a place in the year three ABA courses, and successfully complete the requirements of those courses, which of the following professional credentials do you intend pursuing?

Particular problems that some people have, or have had, may impair their ability to work as a Behaviour Analyst and Psychologist. You may choose to provide this information on this form or in person/writing to the Director of the ABA Programme. Disclosure of such problems may or may not affect your selection, but if you are selected and such factors are later discovered, it may affect judgements about your professional suitability.

Have you acted violently towards another person?
Do you currently have, or have had, problems associated with alcohol or drug use?
Do you currently have, or have you had, problems with health or well-being (physical and/or psychological) that may impact your ability to train and/or work as a Behaviour Analyst/Psychologist?
Do you have any criminal convictions?

The Psychologists Board requires police vetting before students can be registered as intern psychologists. In addition, police vetting will be required for all successful applicants. Accordingly, you are required to disclose any criminal convictions in this application. Note: Exemption in accordance with the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004.

5. Your interests in applied behaviour analysis

No more than 50 words
No more than 50 words
Are there any groups for which behaviour-analytic services might be offered but with which you are unwilling to work?
No more than 100 words
No more than 50 words

6. Interview

A selected number of applicants will be interviewed early November. Will you be available at this time to attend an interview?

7. Referees

Your referees should not be family members. Preferably, at least one referee should be from a current or previous employer or work supervisor.

Personal character referee

This referee should not be a family member, but may be a friend or work colleague.

The School of Psychology requests your permission to contact your referees if they consider it necessary. The purpose of contacting referees is to ask them about your academic aptitude, research skills, personal skills, and your suitability for admission and potential success in the programme. 

8. Declaration