ISS-02 International Student Insurance Waiver Form

Use this form if you are a full-fee paying international student in New Zealand and would like to request an insurance waiver.

Please note: Your alternative compliant insurance policy must cover you up until the day your student visa expires or until you depart New Zealand, whichever comes first.

Waiver applications must be received on or before the following dates and any waiver application received after these dates will not be accepted:

  • Summer School 14 January 2022
  • Semester One 11 March 2022
  • Semester Two 29 July 2022
  • Quarter One 21 January 2022
  • Quarter Two 13 April 2022
  • Quarter Three 8 July 2022
  • Quarter Four 30 September 2022
  • Late Year 9 December 2022
  • Approved late enrolment - same week enrolment is finalised
  • Doctoral students: The 2nd Friday after your programme start date.
  • Late enrolment: The same week your enrolment is finalised.

If your policy is on the compliant policy list then you MUST upload your insurance certificate in English to this form within the timeframe allowed in order to get a full waiver. Only approved policies from the list will be accepted.

Please see a  sample of the details your insurance certificate should have.

Form Unavailable

This form is currently unavailable, please come back later.

Ensure you check Compliant Policies. Only approved policies from the list will be accepted

Your approved insurance policy dates must cover, programme/term/semester and length of visa.
Please ensure the certificate is for a compliant policy, must be in PDF format

Check if your policy is on the compliant list before uploading

Student declaration