India SDG Business Case Team Competition 2022

The University of Auckland India SDG Business Case Team Competition is based on the theme of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It is a national level, multidisciplinary intercollegiate team competition open to all undergraduate students in India who are currently enrolled in their pre-final or final year of their bachelor’s degree. Entries to the competition are open from Friday 10 June in support of World Environment Day. Final submission date to be confirmed.

Submit a business case (final format pdf) to address the issues and ideas around one of the 17 SDGs in your local area. Your business case should present a feasible and innovative solution to address the issue, as well as showcase the financial viability of your project idea.

Please register your team’s details below and you will receive an email from a University representative confirming your participation. Competing teams must have two to three members maximum who may be from the same or different majors, academic programmes or faculties, but must all be from the same university/college.

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