Nurse Practitioner Training Programme (NPTP)

Welcome to the application form for the NPTP programme.

Applications for 2024 have now closed. Please contact Aimee ( if you have any queries. 

For students at institutions that are outside the NPTP, please contact your programme to understand the arrangements for cross-crediting the NPTP (30 level 8 credits and 30 level 9 credits) back into your masters qualification.

Before completing this form please ensure you have read the information available



Questions/help to complete your form

If you have any questions about the application form, or the programme itself, contact your chosen University: 

Māori and Pacific applicants

Please connect with Josephine Davis or Sue Adams if there are any queries or clarification needed. This may include the application process, organisational or supervisory roles in the NPTP year, or something else. Please, ask us.  

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Section A: Your information

Select the University you wish to attend.
Area of Practice: (PHC, MH, Secondary, other)
Rural practice
Indemnity Insurance Provider

Section B: Clinical supervisor information

This section is for you to input information about your clinical supervisor. Download document here that consists of:

  • Background information to the role. Please ensure your Clinical Supervisor has read this.
  • Clinical Supervisor VITEA form (only needed if a CV isn't uploaded).
  • Clinical Supervisor letter of agreement. Ask your clinical supervisor to complete it then upload the completed form.

Section C: Referee information

Contact details of a senior health professional (ideally a Nurse Practitioner, or alternatively one of the following - nurse leader, senior general practitioner) who we can contact as a referee for your readiness to complete the NPTP:

Please upload the following documents

Area of practice and philosophical statement

Read the requirements and background to the statement here. Create a word document for your statement and title it Area of practice and philosophical statement and add your name to the title.

Teaching professional activities and leadership tables

Download the table here, complete it and save it to your computer then upload the completed table.

Save your academic transcripts to your computer and upload them here
Create a cover letter word doc outlining why you want to take part in this programme and upload it here
Upload your CV here

Section D: Employer information

This section is for your employer's information.

Download the Employer Declaration of Support Template here, ask your employer to complete then upload here.

Upload the declaration completed by your employer

Section E: Submit your form

Review our NPTP application checklist here to check you have completed everything you need to.

By submitting this form, I declare that all information enclosed and attached to my application form is true and correct and that no relevant information has been withheld.

Your application may not be considered if you do not provide all required information – please check carefully.

Applications for 2024 have now closed