SS-01a Fee Refund to Former Student

We are currently experiencing a high volume of refund requests. We are doing our best to process them as quickly as possible. There will be delays in our response during this period. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Complete this form to request a refund if you have overpaid your fees (excluding payment by a student loan as any overpayment will be refunded to StudyLink automatically).

To check if you have a credit balance in your fees account please log into Student Services Online. A credit balance is displayed as a minus (e.g.-875.00).

Doctoral Students – please contact Collections for any enquires.

For more information on fees refunds, click here.

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Student Details
Are you a NZ or International Student?
Name attachment as “Student visa” before uploading.
Reason for Refund
If your fees were paid by a student loan then any overpayment will be refunded to StudyLink automatically
Method of Refund

If payment was made by credit card using Student Services Online, the refund will be processed to that same credit card.

If payment was made by bank account, please attach proof of bank account which is current and obtained within the last twelve months. The documentation must show the bank logo, bank account name matching supplier name and bank account number. Must be in English where possible and be saved in any of these formats so the form can be successfully submitted; formats accepted are: PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX.

Bank account evidence can be one of the following:

  • Bank deposit slip
  • Bank statement
  • Void cheque
  • Letter from the bank confirming the account number and the account holder details (date stamped and signed by bank)
  • Screenshot of internet banking page with visible URL

If payment was made via Flywire using Student Services Online, the University will return the funds to Flywire. Then Flywire will contact the sender of original payment to complete the refund.

For overseas accounts, please ensure the relevant bank codes have been included eg IBAN, routing number, Swift code

Do not enter any credit card details in this form

Method of refund
Refunds will be processed to the original method of payment. Select the original method of payment as the method of refund. For e.g. if your tuition fees were originally paid via a NZ bank account, you would select "Refund to a NZ bank account" as the Method of Refund and provide the details of the same bank account that you originally paid with.
Name attachment as “Bank proof” before uploading.
Name attachment as “Bank proof” before uploading.
Please select which region your bank is located in from the options below
Is this bank account in your name?
Name attachment as “Permission” before uploading.
Student's Declaration