FS-91 UoA Students with Overseas Bank Account

Purpose of this form:


Use this form to get a UoA student set up to receive a payment via bank transfer to an overseas bank account, after you have completed FS-41 ‘Request for payment form’.

If you need any assistance completing the FS-41 for your reimbursement your group service staff will be able to assist. 

This form is not to be used for a refund.

Instructions for completing FS-91:


You will need to attach proof of bank account which is current and obtained within the last twelve months. The documentation must show the bank logo, bank account name matching the student's name and bank account number and must be in English where possible (examples). 

Please ensure the relevant bank codes have been included eg IBAN, routing number, Swift code

Form Unavailable

This form is currently unavailable, please come back later.

UoA Student's Details
Please include country and area codes
(if aplicable)
Bank Details
Please select which region your bank is located in from the options below
Bank account number should be 8 or 9 digits
BSB (bank-state-branch) number should be 6 digits
To locate swift codes worldwide go to https://www.theswiftcodes.com/
This must show the bank logo, bank account name matching student name and bank account number