Faculty of Engineering Application for Partial Exemption from Practical Work Hours

Practical work experience is widely considered to be a key point of difference for New Zealand undergraduate engineering degrees. We expect students to continue to use best endeavours to secure the full 800 hours of practical work experience for themselves.

However, the Engineering New Zealand Standards & Accreditation Board is aware of the effect Covid-19 may have had on the ability of students to attain the minimum 800 hours of work practice. It has agreed to grant universities the discretion to waive up to 400 hours work experience for students who are scheduled to complete* their studies before December 2021.

For students who are only able to secure a minimum 400 hours of work experience over this period, ideally all work will have a direct link to professional engineering or be in an engineering-related industry.


  • Use this application if Covid-19 has seriously impacted your ability to obtain the mandatory 800 hours of practical work required for your degree; and may be eligible to graduate before the end of 2021.
  • Use this form if you have made use of all available resources in an attempt to secure practical work.
  • The evidence you provide must be sufficient to clearly show your attempts at securing practical work and how you have been seriously affected. This evidence must be uploaded with the form.

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Personal Details

*Completed means that you passed all 480pts towards the BE(Hons) degree, or for conjoint students, all courses (420pts) towards the BE(Hons) component of the conjoint.

In addition to meeting the academic requirements you must have also have completed a minimum of 400 hours of practical work.

Application details
In fewer than 200 words, provide a short summary of what actions you have taken to try and secure practical work and attach your evidence. Evidence may include copies of applications for work, emails to/from potential or current employer etc.
Your file must be in PDF format