CAI Summer Research Scholarship - Final Submission

Submit this form by 5pm Thursday 23 February 2023 to complete your Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Summer Research Scholarship.

You must upload:

  • Summer Research Scholarship Report
  • Supervisor Cover Letter (written and signed by your supervisor, stating their view on your research)

Summer Research Scholarship Report requirements

You must include the following sections in your report:

  • How this scholarship has furthered your career development (500 word limit)
  • Summary of research and its significance (500 word limit)
  • Abstract (250 word limit)
  • Aims (150 word limit)
  • Methods (1,000 word limit)
  • Results/Discussions
  • References
  • You can also include tables, diagrams, images, video and other visual aids if you want to


  • Include YouTube or Google Drive hyperlinks in your Report if you want to share video content.
  • Include images in your Report file if you want to share images.
  • Your Report and Supervisor Cover Letter must not exceed 10MB in total.
  • Contact your supervisor if you have any questions.

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PDF documents if possible.
PDF documents if possible.
I confirm that my report includes the following sections: