University Apartments Function Application

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Accommodation | Ngā Wharenoho aims to ensure that our living environment is safe, comfortable and conducive to academic success. To support Residents | Kainoho in their communal living, we require that Residents | Kainoho hosting a function that will have 5 or more invited guests and risk of alcohol and/or noise present must complete this function application to ensure that responsible host guidelines are being met. 

This application form must be completed and sent to your Resident Coordinator | Kairuruku Wharenoho at least 1 business day before the event date. Be prepared to discuss your application in person so that all involved parties are clear about their obligations. 

This application process is informed by guidelines from Health Promotion Agency | Te Hiringa Hauora.

Applicants to complete


  • We the function organisers, as listed above, understand the rules and regulations surrounding functions in Accommodation, at the University of Auckland.
  • We understand that all functions must close down before 10:00pm (RAs will show up at 9:45pm to ensure this) and noise must be within reasonable levels at all times.
  • We agree to act as responsible hosts and accept responsibility for guests and any damage that occurs to the property as a result of the function.

Once submitted this will be reviewed by a member of your Accommodation team.