Facility Booking Agreement


The person who is booking must read and agree to the terms and conditions before payment. 

Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you receive acceptance of the booking from the University Rec Centre Bookings Coordinator. Priority is given to University of Auckland internal bookings including affiliated clubs. 

Cost per hour for spaces (including GST) are listed below.

Whole Hall

  • $205
  • $100 (University of Auckland Dept/Affiliated Club) 

Half Hall (South or North)

  • $125 
  • $60 (University of Auckland Dept/Affiliated Club)

Group X Studio

  • $80
  • $60 (University of Auckland Dept/Affiliated Club)

Mind Body Studio

  • $67/hour 
  • $50/hour (University of Auckland Dept/Affiliated Club)

The Rec Room

  • $43/hour 
  • $32/hour (University of Auckland Dept/Affiliated Club)

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Booking Details 

Affiliation of group booking

Space required and date/time 

Do you require the space for multiple days?
Multiple days is anything more than one day

Sport set up and Equipment Required 



Any damage or wear caused by the hirer in the areas made available, or to areas where the hirer has not been granted access, will be repaired and the cost met by the hirer.

1. Any equipment loaned or hired to the hirer must be returned immediately following the conclusion of the booking. A record of all equipment borrowed will be kept and made available to the hirer. Any equipment not returned or recovered will be charged to the hirer.
2. The setup of any equipment is the responsibility of the hirer. This includes equipment loaned to the hirer by The Recreation Centre.
3. You must advise the Recreation Centre Booking Coordinator if you wish to bring any additional equipment or set up. This must be approved 24 hours before your event. No assistance will be provided by Recreation Centre staff to set up. 
4. The venue must be left in a clean and tidy state. All rubbish must be removed and disposed of by the hirer. Cleaning is the responsibility of the hirer, unless prior arrangement is agreed by both parties.
5. You must advise us if you are intending on catering your event, or bringing food. An additional cleaning cost may be charged if the space is not left clean and tidy. You will be required to pay based on the level of cleaning required by the University cleaning team.
6. Security is to be provided by, and at the cost of, the hirer. The number of security personnel required, and locations of security within, and outside the venue, is to be determined by Recreation Centre management.
7. No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises without prior written permission of Recreation Centre management. The hirer shall be responsible for all costs and applications associated with licensing as required.
8. Vaping and smoking is not permitted on Campus, including the Recreation Centre and surrounding areas.
9. Signage, naming and promotional rights will be granted at the discretion of Recreation Centre management and is only permitted for the duration of the booking , unless by prior arrangement.
10. The hirer shall not have the authority to bind The University of Auckland Recreation Centre, or act on its behalf, at any time. The hirer shall act as an independent contractor on its own account. Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to constitute parties as employer and employee, principle and agent, joint ventures or partners.
11. The hirer shall abide by The University of Auckland regulations pertaining to Occupational Safety and Health regulations.
12. The hirer shall abide by the rules of The University of Auckland Recreation Centre, and to specific rulings related to each facility area. Failure to abide by the rules or to these Terms & Conditions will result in immediate termination of your booking at full cost to you, the hirer.
13. All booking charges include the cost of entry to the facility hired. It does not include the cost of entry to gym facilities, or any facilities not detailed in the agreement.
14. Full payment of booking must be made a minimum of three working days before the booking. 
15. Any Cancellation within the week of the booking date will be charged 50% of the booking fee. Any Cancellations made within the week of the booking are not eligible for a refund.
16. Transfer of your booking if you can provide us with one weeks’ notice or more.
17. Community bookings must be approved and the purpose of the booking must be within the University Code of Conduct and the Recreation Centre terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse a booking. Priority is given to affiliated clubs, UoA Sport and Recreation events and student membership drop in services. 
18. Bookings for religious groups must be approved by the University Chaplin before requesting space. You will be asked to provide evidence of approval before booking is confirmed.