Career and Industry Insights - Alumni Application

By completing this form it is assumed that you are willing and able to take part in the University of Auckland Business School's Career and Industry Insights Programme. The programme begins on Monday 16 September with an evening launch event at the Business School, and closes on Monday 7 October, with a programme debrief and close event, also on campus. Students and alumni will arrange a mutually agreeable time for a workplace visit on one day between the launch and debrief events. 

Commitment required from alumni

  • Must reside in Auckland.
  • Should have a minimum of five years’ industry experience.
  • Should work reasonably centrally, at a workplace that is easily accessible from the University's City Campus.
  • Must be able to host two business school students at your workplace during normal office hours for around 2 hours between Monday 16 September and Monday 7 October. (Of course, if all parties are willing and able, workplace visits can be longer, and on more than one day – whatever works for all involved.)
  • Please ensure that your direct manager is happy with the student visit.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to match all alumni applicants with our students.

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Will you be available to host two business students at your workplace for approximately 2 hours on an agreed day between 16 September to 7 October 2019?
Are you a graduate of the University of Auckland?