Apply for a postgraduate programme in Screen Production

After you have applied for admission to study at the University of Auckland, you can submit this form to be considered for postgraduate study in Screen Production.

Choose your programme

We offer four different options for studying Screen Production at a postgraduate level:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Arts
  • Master of Arts (120 points)
  • Master of Arts (240 points)
To find out which programme would suit you best, take a look at postgraduate study in Screen Production.

Application deadlines

To study Screen Production in a postgraduate programme in 2020 you need to submit this form by Wednesday 15 January 2020.

We will accept international applications until the deadline, although we recommend that you submit your application by Friday 8 November 2019 to allow enough time to apply for a visa if you are accepted.

Form Unavailable

This form is currently unavailable, please come back later.

Application details
Your intended programme
Your intended specialisation
Curriculum vitae
Official academic transcript
Samples of your work

Provide links to samples of your work and state the title and your role in creating in each piece of work. If you are submitting written work, you can either provide a link to it here or upload it as a pdf.

The Godfather (Official Trailer)

Foreign language films must be subtitled or accompanied by a detailed synopsis/transcript of dialogue.