EDSW Hardship Application

Hardship grants are available to assist students who are enrolled in programmes at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Grants are temporary, short-term support for essential costs.

To be eligible for assistance, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a programme at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.
  • Have attended courses for two weeks or more.
  • Be currently experiencing genuine financial hardship and have exhausted other avenues of financial assistance e.g. StudyLink, WINZ, savings, overdraft, living allowance.

Please note: Payments made to bank accounts will be be approved each Tuesday and the funds will be deposited on Friday evening.

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Do you meet the eligibility requirements above?


This information is collected to ensure Hardship Grants are paid from the appropriate funding source.

Student Support and Engagement Manager may contact you for further clarification.  This information will not be shared with any other Faculties or Services.

What type of support do you require?
Please explain how a situation is creating hardship, why it is unforeseen or unanticipated, and how is it affecting your ability to study under normal circumstances. Please be as specific as you can.
Declaration: I declare that all information provided on this application is true and correct and that no relevant information has been withheld.