MitoQ Study

Does the antioxidant supplement MitoQ improve training adaptations and sport performance?

There is an opportunity to be involved in a study at the University of Auckland looking at the effect of an antioxidant supplement on training adaptations and sport performance and be reimbursed $480 in Westfield vouchers for your participation.
 We are studying how an antioxidant supplement called MitoQ, which is designed to enter your muscle and protect it from damage caused by exercise, affects training adaptations and sport performance. Testing will involve you visiting the Grafton Campus of the University of Auckland to perform exercise on a cycle ergometer on 15 occasions and taking a tablet once a day over a period of seven weeks. You must also be willing to provide blood samples and muscle biopsies.
 Details of each visit are as follows:
 Visit 1 :

  • Cardiovascular endurance test: this test will tell us about your maximal aerobic capacity
  • Body scan: this tells us where and how much fat and muscle you have in your body
  • Strength tests: we will measure your muscular strength/power

Visit 2 and 14:

  • Exercise performance test: you will perform a certain amount of work on a stationary bike as fast as possible. This is expected to take 30-45 minutes.

Visit 3:

  • We ask that you come to this session fasted (no food and drink after 10pm the night before)
  • High intensity exercise session: this session is expected to last around 30 minutes
  • Blood samples and muscle biopsies: a small plastic cannula will be put in your arm so we can take blood samples before, immediately after and 3-4 hours after exercise. Muscle biopsies will also be taken at each of these time points.

Visits 4-13:

  • High intensity interval exercise training: these training sessions are expected to last around 30 minutes
  • You will be asked to fill in a 3-day food diary during this period

Visit 15:

  • Cardiovascular endurance test
  • Body scan
  • Strength tests
  • A blood sample and muscle biopsy

Eligibility criteria:

  • Male 
  • 35-60 years
  • Sedentary to moderately active (no running or cycle training, no more than 3 hours of sport per week and no more than 2 resistance training sessions per week)
  • BMI between 20-30 kg.m2
  • Healthy 

Thank you for your interest in participating the study called “the effect of MitoQ on muscle biomarkers and sport performance.” To ensure you meet our eligibility criteria, please complete the information below and submit the form. Someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours to take the next steps.

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Do you have any chronic health conditions or injuries?
Are you taking any medications?
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Have you taken any antioxidant supplements within the last 2 months?